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Akron Civic Theater

Austellungs Coordination G.m.b.H.

Austin Keuster Inc.

Barbara Bergstrom Residence

Beverly & Reno Allessio Residence

Bob Warther

Boston Properties

Botnick Real Estate

Braun Steidl Archtects

Bridgewater Apartments

Bridgewater Retail Centers

Brittant Commons Apartments

Brubaker's Pub

Burton Morgan

Castle Hall

Charles River Park

City of Akron

Cleveland Institute of Art

Concepts Development Institute

Copley Flair

David Russell Residence

Firestone Trace

Heika & John Gombar Residence

Highland Square Business Assoc.

Highland Theater


Hunter's Lake Apartments

Jeannette & Michael Petite Residence

Joane Putka Rsidence

John Cochran

JTS Builders

Judy & John Codrea Residence

Krabacher Residence

Kristin & Steve Kranz Residence

Lardner Klein Landscape Architects

Linda & Doug Brown Residence

M.J. Beaven

Mary Means Associates

Marylin & Jim Dittoe Residence

Merryweather Development


Ohio Northern University

Owen Trucking

R.L. Baltzley

Recycling Coordinators, Inc.

Richard Roznovsky

Schmidt Copeland Parker Stevens

Silver Valley Dance Studio

SNS Investments

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

Suffield Town Hall

Summit/ Akron Solid Waste Management

Two Amigos Restaurant

Vail Industries

VanDijk Pace & Westlake

Warren Freedenfeld Associates

Wilson Butler Lodge, Inc.