Our Mission

Design Management, Architects, Inc. (DMA) is a diversified architecture, design and construction management group. Emphasis on innovative design and conceptual work has always been integral to our philosophy. Located in a historic Pre-Civil War barn, the office offers a full range of architecture, design, interior design, planning and graphic design services. DMA's design philosophy relies heavily on client participation, models, and drawing to illustrate ideas and identify issues.


DMA was founded in Boston in 1988. For four years an emphasis on design implementation and construction management became a hallmark of the firm.

In late 1991, the practice was moved to Akron, Ohio, for the opportunity to participate in a barn conversion partnership. Although several barn projects have been completed to date, DMA's primary focus has been to be a marketing oriented, creative problem solver, with a strong emphasis on design.

Our approach to architecture and design may be characterized as dynamic, creative, and multi-disciplined aggregations of professionals joining together in symbiotic configurations to determine both practical and innovative solutions to a wide range of architectural and design issues. Our solutions are tailored to the individual client's specific requirements and existing criteria, thus each design opportunity evolves into a unique and exceptional product.